What to pack for a multi-day bike trip

Special equipment for cycling

This list of things that you need to take on a bike trip includes cycling equipment – something without which a bike trip will turn into an ordinary hike)

Serviceable bicycle

It implies a full maintenance of the bike before the trip, where it is necessary to check the wear of the pads (no more than 50% for disc brakes), the smoothness of the gear shift, the backlash of the carriage, the liveliness of the bushings, the condition of the rims and rubber, twist and unscrew the pedals, break in the chain

Bicycle trunk

A very important piece of cycling gear as it accounts for nearly all of your load. Therefore, it must be, first of all, reliable – capable of withstanding static loads of up to 25 kg. It is desirable that it be monolithic (framework). The trunk should protect the wheels of the bicycle from getting into the bike bag (bicycle pants) and be attached to the bike in two places at once: near the rear wheel hub and on the feathers, or near the seatpost. Bicycle pants (bike bag) for transporting personal belongings should be easily and securely attached to the trunk.

Bicycle trunk (bicycle pants)

Bicycle trunk (bicycle pants) is the most convenient option for a multi-day hike, since the weight of your equipment and personal belongings is not on your back, but on the trunk, on which the bicycle trunk is placed.
The bicycle trunk must be securely fastened to the trunk. We recommend taking cycling pants with a volume of 50-70 liters. They fit all personal items, as well as food for the entire trip. It is highly desirable that the cycling pants have reflective elements for safe movement on the road at night. The bicycle bag should be protected from moisture as much as possible, either with the help of a special cape (Raincover), or made of special materials that do not allow water to pass through.

Bicycle bag

Designed to transport a bicycle in any type of transport. Useful for the safety of the bike during the transfer to the airport and flight home. At the airport, you can report to it the arcs of the tent or personal items that are forbidden to be transported on board – Georgian wine, for example.
Spare chamber + 5 patches

The minimum set that will save you from a puncture and allow you to continue enjoying the beauties of nature.

Flasher, headlight

They are simply necessary in the dark for safety on the road. They will allow motorists to see the cyclist in advance, and also the cyclist will be able to see the road itself at dusk or at night.

Plug for disc brake

It is inserted into the place of the brake disc between the brake pads and blocks the pads from accidental clamping during transportation. Instead of a plug, you can use a penny of suitable thickness or just paper folded several times.