How to prepare for a bike ride

What to check before arrival

Those who decide to try their hand at races need to remember a few important points.

1. Registration. On the site, you need to select the distance and register online or on the spot.

2. Documents. To participate in a bike ride, you need a passport and a medical certificate of health issued by a physical culture and sports dispensary in the territory of the Russian Federation or another medical institution. You should also bring your original valid health insurance policy with you.

3. Equipment. You need to go on a bike ride in a special bicycle uniform, comfortable shoes and a protective helmet. Don’t forget a water bottle, which is best secured in a special mount on the frame.

4. Serviceability of the bike. Before the race, you need to set up the bike for yourself and check its serviceability: steering, chain lubrication, tire inflation, brake systems, gearshifts, pedals and wheels. It is also worth taking a spare tire and a compact pump with you.

5. Charged mobile phone

6. Money. In case of bike breakdown, to buy spare parts on site.

What tests to take

Professional athletes, as well as cycling enthusiasts, should contact the physical culture and sports dispensary, where various examination programs are carried out, taking into account the type of sport, age and level of physical fitness. You can also undergo a medical examination and get a certificate from a doctor at any clinic.

To obtain a certificate of admission to cycling, you need to do an ECG (electrocardiogram) at rest and during exercise, check the pressure at rest and during exercise, and also undergo a general examination by specialized specialists who can prescribe a blood and urine test and other additional tests.

A certificate of admission to a bike ride is issued by a doctor only for a specific time during which the event takes place.

Sports training

For beginners who decide to participate in a bike ride, it is important to prepare for it in advance. Experienced cyclists recommend exercising in the gym or cycling before the race. A week before the race, it is worth doing at least four long-distance bike rides at a steady pace. Bicycle rides must be at least 2 hours long.

In this case, it is worth gradually increasing the load and speed. It is best to combine cycling with strength training (aerobics, crossfit, etc.), which will help increase endurance.

What to wear to a bike race

Clothing for cycling should be as comfortable, lightweight and designed for cycling as possible. Bicycle shorts with special inserts or sports cycling shorts, a T-shirt or a cycling shirt covering the back are best suited for a bike ride. In case of rain, think about a windbreaker.

If you plan to participate in a long-distance cycling race, then take gloves. Be sure to wear a helmet and comfortable cycling shoes.

Experienced cyclists are advised to have a good rest before the race, and just before the race (2-3 hours before) have a slow carbohydrate breakfast. It can be cereals, muesli, bananas, sports energy drink. Do not eat fatty foods, vegetables, rolls and sweets. Athletes usually take energy sports bars and water with them.