Bridges crossed by the bravest

Bridges are one of the most impressive achievements of mankind. Each design is likely to make you appreciate the ingenuity of those who came before us, who did not have the machines that we have. The sight of some bridges alone gives you a thrill and can make you rethink the crossing. It doesn’t take long to realize that the scariest overpasses are usually the tallest. Bridges and crossings that are likely to make even the most daring adventurer think. However, when you find the courage to walk or drive through them, you will confirm their breathtaking sight.

Mackinac Bridge and its strong winds

According to the Mackinac Bridge Authority, any frightened person can be moved (we see a pattern in this!). Authorities are concerned about the safety of bridge users. They have a website that provides all the information you need and a Twitter page for daily updates.

Mighty Mac is the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere. Prior to its construction, travelers had to use an hour-long ferry crossing, but with the bridge it takes about 5-7 minutes. The main problem on the bridge is windy conditions. The authorities annually coordinate walks on the bridge for interested participants.

Captain William Moore Bridge

The Captain Moore Bridge is a special design as it crosses an active seismic fault. Engineers only jammed one end of the bridge firmly; they did so knowing the potential disaster at that location. This is done so that the bridge can move during earthquakes.

We can’t think of a more dangerous place to be in an earthquake than the Captain Moore Bridge. However, the Alaska Department of Transportation is working to replace the aging bridge. Upon completion, the old bridge will remain in place as a testament to the creativity.

Seven Mile Bridge weathered a severe storm

There are two bridges on Seven Miles, the older version built 1909–1912 and the current road bridge built 1978–1982. The old bridge is narrow, unlike the modern bridge, which makes it heartbreaking to drive across. It was too small for two passing cars.

There are no barriers separating northbound traffic from southbound traffic. This makes the bridge an accident-prone place, because a driver’s negligence can put others at his mercy. However, the modern bridge is wide enough to allow parking and admiring the waterscape.

Atlantic ocean road

Atlantic Road, located in Norway, has eight bridges and a healthy dose of nature and architecture that work together perfectly. These features provide excellent visibility and make the road a delight for motorcyclists and road travelers. But that doesn’t erase the unpredictable weather conditions that usually make it a formidable ride.

Ironically, the road’s scenic surroundings contribute to its dangerous nature. While driving, you must keep your attention on the road. This is because looking at the beautiful views all around can take you to the oceans as the bridges are meandering.

Numerous gaps in the Hussaini Suspension Bridge

A bit of information about this bridge adds to its intimidating appearance of a rush of blood. Firstly, the design is made of the simplest materials, and secondly, its age remains a mystery. The windy weather environment also makes a huge contribution to its danger.

The mere thought of a strong wind rocking the bridge while you’re on it sends chills down your spine. Missing boards also create tricky gaps. Next to him there is the same, but more damaged bridge, maybe as a reminder of what will happen to him in time.