The benefits of cycling. What are the advantages of this type of transport?

1. Improved sleep. Riding a bike early in the morning is great for helping you wake up faster. And with regular exercise on your bike, your sleep will be healthier, which means you’ll wake up refreshed. Regular cycling removes the stress hormone cortisol from the body, which prevents you from falling asleep when you exercise frequently. Thus, cycling helps you get rid of insomnia.

2. Improvement of digestion. Cycling improves metabolism. This increases appetite and improves digestion. Remember how you want to eat after a bike ride? The appearance of appetite is a sign of an active metabolism.

3. Increase endurance. Thanks to regular cycling, you increase the overall endurance of the body, you feel more alert, more active and stronger, it is easier to endure stress during the working day, and your emotional background stabilizes. Appearance improvement

4. Weight loss. The bike is very useful for those who want to lose extra pounds. During a bicycle trip, a large number of calories are burned, unwanted deposits in the thigh area are reduced. At the same time, your body burns fat not only during the trip, but also for several hours after. And those who drive fast but short distances burn several times more fat than those who drive long but more slowly.

5. Improving the condition of the skin. Regular cycling helps slow down skin aging. This is because increased blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more efficiently while removing harmful toxins. Cycling also creates ideal conditions for the production of collagen, which in turn helps slow down the appearance of wrinkles.

6. Increased muscle tone. Regular cycling helps you train the muscles of your legs, chest, back, arms. This improves their shape and at the same time increases muscle endurance. Improving the psychological state

7. Reducing stress. Cycling is the easiest and fastest way to get your dose of happy hormones. Riding a bike, like other cyclic sports, is a great way to take your mind off your bad thoughts. Try to drive at least a couple of kilometers – everything superfluous will fly out of your head right there. Monotonous movements, measured breathing – all this automatically puts thoughts and feelings in order.

8. Strengthening the nervous system. Cycling has a beneficial effect on the general emotional state, helps to strengthen the nervous system – your mood and general well-being improve, you get a huge boost of vivacity. Biking is the best way to blow off steam after a day at work.

9. Improving mental abilities. Cycling increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which activates and restores the action of receptors, promotes the creation of new brain cells in the hippocampus – the area that is responsible for memory. In addition, writers, musicians, artists, executives and many other professionals use cycling to stimulate creative thinking. Indeed, due to the increased flow of oxygen to the brain, neural activity is activated. Health promotion

10. Strengthening the cardiovascular system. The cardio load provided by cycling helps to strengthen the heart muscle, increase vascular tone, reduce the level of “bad” and increase the level of “good” cholesterol. This greatly reduces the risk of heart disease.